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this week the fabric collection i designed for art gallery fabrics arrived on my door step! be still my heart. seeing it finally on fabric gives me such an overwhelming feeling of excitement and gratitude. it represents so much to me. years and years of dreams, hard work, ups and downs.

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though the official line won't be in stores until june, the advanced yardage (for projects and promotions) arrived this week. my mom and i leave wednesday for spring quilt market in portland where i'll have my own booth with art gallery fabrics!

having my own booth at market has always been my ultimate dream, one i wasn't sure would ever come true. now that's just around the corner, it's both completely exhilarating and a little nerve racking!

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with a last minute arrival of the fabric, my mom and i have had to get a little creative with our approach. we're staying together this week and doing pretty much nothing but sewing, brainstorming, and then sewing some more. so far, we're about 40% done with the projects we've planned and have 4 more days to complete them. i have high hopes we can do it, but it's going to be intense. i'm so thankful for you mom, i couldn't do it without you!

though i don't want to reveal too much about the plans i have for my booth (i'll be sharing more about it with you soon!), we've been busy quilting, sewing, cutting and making lots of mocks ups to get the layout right.

reminisce by bonnie christine for art gallery fabrics

next week is going to be insane. david and i are closing on our new home on tuesday, my mom and i leave for quilt market on wednesday, david and i celebrate our 5th year wedding anniversary on thursday (phone date, anyone?), and qulit market begins on friday. whew!

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thank you so much for reading and sticking in there with me. i'm so thankful for each of you! xox, bonnie

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  • Yay! I’m so glad I get to comment first and tell you these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Usually when I see a new fabric line, I generally like 3-4 of them, but ALL of these are so beautiful. I’m really having a hard time choosing an absolute favorite. I actually can’t narrow it down past 4!
    I love the navy print, the green (with coral colored leaves) and the matching white with orange leaves, the dark teal print, and the white large bouquet…nope, 5!!
    Congrats-what an exciting thing! Can’t wait to see those projects. When you say “in stores” what does that mean? Jo-Ann? or local quilt shops?
    Sarah M

    • aw, thank you SO much sarah! you just made my day. :) i’m so glad you like them!

      and good question: by shops i mean quilt shops, so make sure to check your local specialty store! they will also be available on around the same time, in case your local store doesn’t carry it. :) xox

  • It is beautiful! Hooray for you. I hope you enjoy your time at Market–I’m an hour away from Portland and am thrilled to report that you may see some sunshine while you’re here.

  • It is all absolutely gorgeous, Bonnie! Your designs are lovely and unique. I am so happy for you that your hard work is paying off and your dreams are coming true. Wishing you all the best at quilt market–can’t wait to get a peek at your booth!

  • Bonnie, these are GORGEOUS! I LOVE the patterns you created, especially the sort of citrusy shapes, and the damasky ones, and the one in the first photograph that has small round shapes and is green, blue, and light yellowish colors. Anyway! Congratulations! This is really exciting and they look amazing and unique and sort of exactly what I would hope to find in beautiful fabrics instead of the “same old same old” you normally see everywhere. I think you really touched on a specific need and read people’s minds!

    And, in the parallel lives universe, we also just bought a house, and the date our moving truck is coming to start the cross-country drive is our fifth anniversary. Ha!

    Good luck at the quilt market! Cannot wait to see what you made and hear how it goes! Will be thinking of you! I am sure it will all be fantastic. :)

    • thank you so much, sharon!! we’re definitely living parallel lives, we just moved from CA to NC! good luck with your move, it’ll be crazy but so fun! xox

  • Oh Bonnie, so lovely! I hope I can find a way to purchase some here in Canada!! They are just so beautiful, and my mind is already filled with possibilities! Congratulations!!!