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follow going home to roost on feedly! (3)

hey everyone! since i know many of you follow going home to roost via a reader, i wanted to address the changes coming up in google. in case you haven't heart, google reader will be shutting down on july 1st (you can read about it here). however, i'm happy to say that the alternative of choice is simple:

feedly is beautiful, streamlined, clean and refreshing (thanks for the tip, sfgirlbybay!).

feedly makes it really easy to set up an account and add your favorite blogs. they're also making the transition from google reader seamless and easy - you can read more on that here.

follow going home to roost on feedly!
i actually can't believe feedly hasn't been the go-to reader all along- it's so pretty! don't you think? so i'm making the switch early and you can too- follow going home to roost on feedly right here!

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