Aug 14 // simple sunglasses rack

diy sunglasses holder

we've never had a good place to keep our sunglasses. they would end up on a hat rack, or on the counter destined to fall off and get scratched. well this super simple project took me all of about 10 minutes and we now finally have the perfect place to hang our glasses, along with a few other knick-knacks! i found this old crate piece at a junk store in california and have been putting it to good use ever since. i used to keep it by my painting station, remember? so, the other day i hammered in a few nails on the back and tightly tied some jute around each one to cross the front. hung by the front door, it's the perfect place for on-the-go essentials.

the august break (4) this month, i’m excited to be participating in the august break, where i’ll be sharing photos with you from my personal life each day and taking a break from writing “regular” content for going home to roost. meanwhile, i’ll be preparing our hearts and our home for baby roost’s arrival and taking some very special time to spend with my love before we welcome our first son into the world. find out more about the august break and how to join here.

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