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cute copper crafts (1)

i've been perusing the world of copper crafts lately, and i have to admit- i can't wait to go roam the isles of our local hardware store! it seems like the creative possibilities are endless. above is a simple copper bud vase by chelsea at lovely indeed (diy featured on poppytalk). it's easy to make (only taking 3 small copper pieces) and looks so elegant and sweet, don't you think?

cute copper crafts (2)

next is this set of cute copper succulent planters by ashley of sugar & cloth (diy featured on poppytalk). this one is as simple as grabbing some copper cap fittings, ketchup (to clean them) and a few plants to put in them. i love how minimalistic and rustic they are, and how they add a pop of color while keeping things neutral.

cute copper crafts (3)

this last darling diy is how to make simple copper curtain rods out of plumbing tubing. it comes from brittany over at the house that lars built (diy featured on design*sponge). with only a little drilling needed to make the end caps, i think it's a simple, chic and affordable way to dress your windows.

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