How to use your photos as creative gifts

hello, loves! i have a special surprise for you today! professional photographer, melissa west is here to share a little with you on how to use your photos as gifts. i just know you'll fall in love with her blog and workshop, the snap academy. have fun!

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If you are anything like me, you may be slightly addicted to Instagram but have family or friends who don’t ever get to see the photos. It’s such a fun way to catch those everyday moments that we may otherwise miss, however, it’s so sad when those pictures never leave the phone and are never shared!

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A few months ago, I came across Postalpix and fell in love with the ease and price of ordering pictures right from my phone. You can use that same app to create an amazing ongoing gift. Here’s how...

1. Start by creating your display. Here are two of my favorite ways... My husband made this frame out of reclaimed pallet wood and I simply added twine and clips from the craft store. Or you could use a thrifted frame and back it with chicken wire. After you have the display the rest is so simple...

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2. Download the Postalpix App (for either iPhone or Android)

3. Order your favorite photos from the last month and attach them to your display, then give your gift.

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4. Schedule a reorder at the end of each month (I like to use Google calendar) and order the amount you need to replace the pictures in the display. You can have them shipped right to the person you gave the display to!

My family and I hope to start traveling full time in September and I’m so excited to use this as a fun way to keep my mom updated with pictures of our trip. What’s your favorite way to share phone photos?

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instagram gifts (7) Bio: Melissa West is a professional lifestyle photographer who saw how hard mamas were struggling to capture memories they loved. Her blog offers tips and inspiration to teach you how to take more meaningful photos no matter what camera you own. Click over to receive free access to an entire segment of The Snap Academy Workshop!

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