Aug 22 // vegan almond tuna salad

Aug 22 // almond "tuna" salad

yesterday, i made this recipe for almond "tuna" salad from oh she glows, and it was amazing! i just so happened to have all of the ingredients, including fresh cucumbers from our weekly csa box, so i couldn't resist. if you're a veg and ever find yourself missing tuna salad, this should definitely be your go-to recipe!

the august break (1) this month i’m participating in the august break, where i’ll be sharing photos with you from my personal life each day and taking a break from writing “regular” content for going home to roost. meanwhile, i’ll be preparing our hearts and our home for baby roost’s arrival and taking some very special time to spend with my love before we welcome our first baby into the world. find out more about the august break and how to join here.

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