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**hey guys! please welcome cara today as she shares with us the different ways we can celebrate our furry friends in our interior spaces with style. xo, bonnie

about vixen goods: cara's designs are inspired by her affection for dogs, which all began when with her childhood dog toto, a gray poodle mix. she's passionate about finding stylish ways to celebrate our trusty sidekicks, and each of her pillows are handmade with this in mind.

Celebrate Dogs In Your Interior Space

Dogs have always had a special place in my heart. It all began as a little girl with a small gray poodle mix named Toto. Now, I’ve got Parker, a huge rough collie who is as big as me and a dead ringer for Lassie. When decorating, I’ve always enjoyed surrounding myself with dogs of all pedigrees.  And it was that passion that inspired me to start my collection of modern appliqué pillow covers featuring dog silhouettes. In the spirit of our trusty sidekicks, here are a few of my favorite ways to bring a love for dogs into your interior space!

Celebrate Dogs In Your Interior Space

Add a bit of kitsch with vintage figurines.  Antique, thrift stores and flea-markets are fantastic places to search for these treasures. Some of my special finds include a black French poodle candle, a dachshund ceramic planter, and a gorgeous pair of brass hound bookends. My favorite is the rough collie figurine—classic 60’s—he looks stately placed on my sofa end table and always makes me smile. Figurines look fabulous placed on mantels, open shelves and anywhere else you’d like to add a light-hearted accent.

One of my little pleasures is inviting Parker up on the sofa to snuggle up with and watch a scary movie.  To keep my upholstery protected, I found a chic faux fur throw he lays on contently like a prince.  I rest easy knowing I can simply throw it in the wash.  I love the idea of a throw with your dog’s name monogrammed to add a personal touch. This preppy striped washable wool throw from Land’s End can be monogrammed with your dog’s initial or name.

I love retro periodicals, books and photographs. When I travel, I drag my husband into the local used book store to take a quick peek around their selection of dog books. Many vintage dog books have frame-worthy photos and pages with illustrations of grooming styles and breed profiles.  Frame them in thin black metal frames and white mats to add a sleek gallery look.  Vintage women’s magazines from the 60’s and 70’s often have entertaining ads featuring dogs that make a cheeky statement.  And I can’t resist old black and white photographs, like this one with a lady walking her beautiful Borzois.

Modern photography celebrating dogs in action can set the scene in a room. Photographer Ron Schmidt captures dogs with a sense of humor. I absolutely love his “Obedience School” print. Find his clever images at Plow & Hearth. Etsy is a great place to find modern photos including this lovely print of two boxers on a dock.

Custom paintings add a personal touch.  My dog before Parker was a blonde mutt named Kona. To honor his memory, I painted his portrait and he hangs in an ornate frame in my living room. It could get frustrating trying to find items with my little guy on it. But now with all the custom options available, it’s easy for those with “League of Nations” dogs to find something just right.

Playful accessories perk up your space with vivid shots of color! This cushioned green rug with dog silhouettes makes a cute statement in a mud room, laundry room or kitchen.  Inject a happy splash of color in a bathroom or entryway with these fun wall hooks. This magazine holder with a graphic yellow pup and Foo dog lamp could add the finishing touches to a home office.

Whatever your decorating style, you can make it work for you. After all, “Home is where the dog is!”

How do you celebrate your dog(s) in your interior spaces?

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