custom pet portraits

custome pet portraits

i have to say, i had so much fun putting together this little round up! i just kept giggling as i came across one awesome pet portrait after another. and, i can't believe how accurate the little 3D versions are! i'm thinking we need a toaster pillow for our sofa. what kind of animal do you have? are you a pet portrait kinda person, or not?

custom 3d pet portrait - $95 | hand embroidered costume pet portrait - $76 | custom pet cake topper - $15 | pet portrait necklace - £20.00 | 3d pet portraits $175-250 | custom pet portrait - $45 | bespoke pet portrait - $120 | small custom pet pillow | DIY pet pillows

*toaster update: a few of you may know that toaster injured his leg a few weeks ago. we found out yesterday that he's ruptured his cruciate ligament (basically, torn his ACL). poor guy. surgery will be soon. :(

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  • Oh no!!! How does that even happen in a dog? I can’t imagine how badly that hurts. I’m sure it doesn’t slow him down too much:)) I’d be heartbroken if that happened to Dakota girl! Prayers for him and his parents today. Poor guy.

  • I almost blogged about this the other day. I think they are fantastic and I would LOVE to get a HUGE watercolor portrait of Jack done :). I already use him as a pillow sometimes so for now a painting would be more appropriate :).

    Hugs, love and fast healing to Toaster! xo

  • Good morning! Thanks so much for putting my custom pet embroidery in this sweet round up… I love this so much! I’m sorry about your little guy- I hope he’s going to get well soon! Give him a hug from me. :)


  • Aww….your poor little guy (or big guy) Is he going to have to wear one of those cone contraptions.

    On another note, love your picks here. Debating a likeness of our funny cats.

  • So sorry to hear about your dog. That must be awful.
    As far as the pet portraits are concerned I have four large photos of our perfect dog Percy up and my husband takes about 10 photos a day of our prince on his phone. I’m actually a normal person, but my dog makes me crazy. I’ll definitely be checking some of the websites you showcased. Thanks.