diy stencilled onesies

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diy stencilled onesies (9)

after falling in love with alison's freezer paper stencilled onesies, i knew i had to make several of my own for bear. to help me accomplish the task, i decided to turn the whole project into a baby shower activity. it was a huge hit! basically, i prepared all the onesies and stencils ahead of time, then we all sat around and painted them together at the shower. it turned out to be really special and super fun!

diy stencilled onesies (10)

for the three above, i used alison's stencils (you can grab the download on her website). aren't they adorable? of course, i couldn't resist the bear. :)

for the rest, i decided to design my own stencils, which i'm so happy to share with you today! just click on the image above to download the multi-page pdf. :) here's the how to:


- exacto knife
- cutting mat
- templates (download here)
- freezer paper (available at the grocery store)
- onesies (i used gerber's organic onesies)
- paint brushes
- fabric/craft paint (we used martha stewart's all purpose craft paint)

diy stencilled onesies (1)

step 1: begin by printing out the templates and selecting the ones you'd like to work with.

diy stencilled onesies (2)

step 2: place a piece of freezer paper over the printed template. hint: it helps to tape these in place!

diy stencilled onesies (3)

step 3: using the exacto knife, carefully cut out the pattern. be sure to save the “inside” parts where you don’t want paint. like the insides of this guy's ears.

diy stencilled onesies (6)

step 4: iron the freezer paper onto the onesie, shiny side down. be sure to also insert a piece of cardboard behind the fabric before you begin painting, to keep the paint from bleeding through.

diy stencilled onesies (5)

step 5: paint your designs! get creative and most importantly, have fun!

diy stencilled onesies (16)

step 7: let the paint completely dry before removing the freezer paper (we waited about 1 hour). you can see that these hanging above look a little 'messy' because we haven't removed the paper yet.

diy stencilled onesies (7)

step 8: remove the paper and see your designs!

diy stencilled onesies (11)

step 9: in order to 'heat set', turn all the onesies inside out and place in the dryer on high for 30 minutes. then, wash and wear like normal.

and of course, this diy doesn't just pertain to onesies! use the same method to make beautiful pillows, t-shirts and more!

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