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i had grand plans for a nice post today, but it seems the universe has other plans. we lost power last night due to the massive storm crossing the southeast right now, and though the power has just came back on, the internet is still out. they're sending a tech out to work on it, but until then i'm without.

at first i found this really frustrating, but have since become thankful for the outage. after all, it's the week to give thanks, right?! there's so much i can do without the internet. i'm currently snuggled up with bear on the couch drinking coffee while he naps in my arms. i'm also going to use this time to work on some sketches for my next fabric collection (i think it's coming together nicely!). i love putting pen to paper. i'm going to enjoy watching the storm and live a little more simply today. i'm thankful for the seasons, the roof over our head and quietness.

are you getting drenched today? be safe and stay warm! i'm going to put my phone down now and get to some simplicity. see you tomorrow friends (i hope)!

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  • Not drenched, but snowed on! The storm will be arriving in my part of Canada early this evening, and we’re expecting anywhere from 6-12″ of snow. :(

    Stay warm and safe!