happy weekend!


photo by mokkasin

hey, guys! i just wanted to pop in to officially say goodbye for the weekend. it's been so nice to share this space with you this week! i've been inspired by you and am so grateful for our community.

what do you have planned for the weekend? my mom is coming over to visit while david travels to a bike race in southern pines. usually, bear and i would tag along but they're camping and i don't think we're up for that yet! i've got several projects i'm working on that i need to finish up and also have to go to the farmer's market tomorrow to pick up our weekly veggie box. it's getting towards the end of the season, so i'm not sure how many more there will be. i'll be so sad to see them go! we're also grabbing 30 lbs of fully cured sweet potatoes from the farm. kept in a cool spot, they will last us until march (though i'm sure we'll finish them off before then!).

i've also got to get our home ready for an appraisal on monday. we're just getting it formally appraised again since we've done so much work on it, but i of course want everything to look spick-and-span. and obviously, i have to squeeze in lots of bear snuggles, too!

see you on monday! love, bonnie

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