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*hey friends! today i'm really excited to introduce you to two super talented young ladies, lacy and meg. i know you'll fall in love with them and find their site to be an excellent resource for information and delicious gluten free & vegan recipes!

Lacy and Meg are two gluten free experts connecting you to the information you need to live a healthy and vibrant gluten free lifestyle.

At Lacy and Meg GF our greatest desire is to create a community of people living a gluten free lifestyle. We don't want you to feel alone on your journey of living without gluten!
Whether you have Celiac Disease, a gluten intolerance, or are trying to eat gluten free to better your health, we have created a place for you.

We have created a resource for you to find sound educational information from a trained R.D. specializing in Celiac Disease and the gluten free diet. You can also find tasty gluten free (and most of the time vegan!) recipes, product and restaurant reviews, and stories from other people within the gluten free community.

We are just getting started, so follow along for more recipes and updates about the launch of our e-book Living Gluten Free: The Basics. You can find us on twitter, we'd love to meet you!

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  • I am totally going to start following! I have had celiac for 8 years, and we have transitioned recently to cutting back on animal protein. We tried going veg. for about 18 months before it was just too hard for me–the gluten free one–to ever feel satisfied with only 2 1/2 ‘food groups’ instead of 5. I am excited to find some more recipes that will be perfect for us.
    Sarah M

  • This is fantastic, I have seriously been considering going GF for awhile now, but have felt so intimidated on where to start. This looks like a great place to begin.