reversible apron pattern

reversible apron pattern by bonnie christine

hey friends! a few of you may know, i got my start selling aprons and tea towels on etsy about 6 years ago. though i don't sell aprons any more, they are still one of my most favorite items to make! i just love wearing a pretty apron while i cook, don't you?

to celebrate my latest fabric line, reminisce, i'm sharing with you the very apron pattern i made to get my start in the handmade industry all those years ago. it's tried and true, fits beautifully and is easy to make. keep reading for the how-to and downloadable pdf pattern!

reversible apron pattern by bonnie christine (1)


- pdf pattern (download here)
- 1 yard each of two coordinating  fabrics (we used timeless rosewood and sweet nostalgia antique)
- scissors
- rotary cutter and ruler (or just scissors if not available)
- sewing machine & thread


1. cut two apron panels, using the pattern supplied, one from each 1 yard piece of fabric. if your fabric is directional, be sure to cut out the apron with your pattern facing the correct direction.

2. cut four apron strings from the length of each 1 yard piece of fabric 1.5" wide (8 total).

3. place two apron ties of contrasting colors right sides together and stitch around two long sides and one short end. (leave one end open for turning.) turn right sides out and press well. set aside.

4. place the apron pieces right sides together and pin together. tuck the apron ties inside the apron, with the open, unsewn ends extending in the seam allowance. placement is on both sides, ½” below the cut edge of the apron’s top edges and at the tops of the shoulders (see pattern for placement).

5. stitch around the entire apron, leaving a 4” opening for turning on one of the sides, below the tie. seam allowances are ¼”. turn the apron right side out and press well. tip: using a  point turner in the corners will ensure sharp points.

6. machine or hand stitch the opening on the side closed.

7. cook up a storm and enjoy!

photography by art gallery fabrics. pattern copyright bonnie christine 2013. pictured above laura grosso.

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