sexy sugar free vegan cookbook giveaway!

sexy sugar free vegan cookbook giveaway! (2)

i've really enjoyed cooking out of nancy chalmer's the sexy sugar free vegan cookbook lately, and today i get to offer one of you luckies a free copy! every single recipe i've tried has been so delicious and amazing, i can't wait for you try them yourself! even if you're not vegan (or not interested in quitting sugar), i promise you'll still love this cookbook. each recipe is rich with flavors and is accompanied by beautiful photographs and easy to follow instructions.

the sexy sugar free vegan project ebook is the ultimate cookbook for achieving super-natural health. it includes over 60 incredible sugar free AND vegan recipes - many of which are gluten free too!

the ebook includes:
* OVER 60 incredible sugar free + vegan recipes
* almost ALL of them are gluten free too!
* a handy list of pantry essentials
* tips on how to avoid hidden sugar
* sugar free + vegan ice cream, cakes and muffins
* vegan cheese, pizza and pasta recipes
* delicious raw food recipes

sexy sugar free vegan cookbook giveaway! (1)

what is the sexy sugar free vegan project? if you’re familiar with nancy, you’ll know that she quit sugar last june, and shortly after started the sexy sugar free vegan project. at first, it was more of a personal project, but she started photographing her recipes and sharing them on wolf and willow. the response for more delicious sugar free recipes was overwhelming, so the project grew and grew until finally, an e-cookbook was born! inside you’ll find all the most popular recipes, as well as some new ones, along with some recipes collected from bloggers (like me!), fellow health coaches, vegan foodies and sugar free chefs.

why quit sugar? while nancy goes into depth on why (and how) to quit sugar in the cookbook, here’s the short and sweet of it: it makes you feel amazing! here are just a few things you’ll most likely experience from quitting sugar:

- a ridiculous increase in natural energy (no need for coffee anymore)
- a freakish increase in cognitive function and creativity
- radical improvement in immune function (never get sick anymore)
- gorgeous skin and hair (look younger)
- better, deeper sleep (have sweeter dreams)
- no more food cravings, like, ever


deadline: giveaway will end sunday, july 14th at midnight, eastern standard time. the winner will be drawn using a random number generator and announced on this post shortly after.

to enter: leave a comment on this post and share a little snippet with us: are you vegan? want to try quitting sugar? interested in learning more? just love the pretty photos?

additional ways to enter:

>> like both going home to roost and wolf and willow on facebook.

>> share on twitter and include the handles @gohometoroost and @wolfandwillow

>> share either of giveaway images on pinterest and include hashtags #goinghometoroost and #sexysugarfreevegan

be sure to leave a new comment for each additional entry so it counts (limit of 4 comments per person)!

good luck! xo, bonnie


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