the august break

the august break (1)

happy friday friends! some of you may be familiar with the august break, but if not i wanted to be sure and introduce you to it today. hosted by susannah conway, it's a yearly community wide 'break from blogging' where bloggers from all over will take a break from writing and instead share a photo (or two!) on their blog without having the pressure of finding words. i participated back in 2011 and it was a wonderful way of reinvigorating my love for blogging and refreshing my spirit and soul.

so i wanted to let you know that i'll be participating again this year, and would love for you to join as well! in particular, the august break is coming at an especially good time for me this year. with baby roost's due date quickly approaching (9/10!), i have more to do in efforts of getting ready for him than i know how to accomplish. since i won't really be able to take a proper maternity leave, i'll be spending the month of august getting as much work done ahead of time as i possibly can. that way, when baby arrives i'll be able to take a breather for a few weeks. i've got several design projects to complete, some exciting things to work on for the roost tribe, and tons of blog posts to write.

in addition to getting ahead on work, i'll also be preparing our hearts and our home for him. i hope to make several weeks of meals in advance to pop in the freezer, start/finish his nursery (ah!) and take some very special time to spend with my love before we welcome our first son into the world.

so, while ghtr might look like i'm taking a break for the month of august, rest assured i'll be busier than ever! i hope you'll stick around, see my life through my lens and join in as well.

the august break (2)

head on over to susannah conway's blog to find out more about the august break and join in the fun!

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