zillpa rope baskets

zillpa rope baskets (4)

i love to use baskets as market bags and planters, so when i found zillpa i was over the moon in love with the look and style of claire's handmade rope homewares. she makes bowls, dishes, pot holders, coasters, bags and plant hangers, all from 100% cotton rope and colored thread. they're beautiful, aren't they?

zillpa rope baskets (1)

i've made a rope(ish) basket before using a technique where you wrap strips of fabric around a piece of rope and stitch as you go, but i love that claire has left her rope raw. it gives each piece such an organic-yet-fun feel, especially with the different thread color options (13 in all). head on over to zillpa and take a look around, and be sure to swing by her etsy shop, too!

zillpa rope baskets (2)

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