i spy at ikea

i spy at ikeahanging planter | sommarfint tray | mandal headboard | rattan bowl | side table | watering can | money tree | wood log fabric

yesterday, my sister and i hopped over to our closest ikea. with notebooks and cameras in hand, we had a full day of planning projects, making notes and walking about (a lot). while becky was occupied planning out closets and pantries, i was busy brainstorming ideas for our new place and my booth at quilt market next weekend (eee!). needless to say, it turned out to be a full day's work and we both came home happy and inspired- despite our tired brains and sore legs. above are a few favorite things i spotted while visiting, a few of which i purchased and a few that i've written down for future reference. with so much going on in the next few months i'm sure i'll be visiting plenty!

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