my dream home: a modern farmhouse

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this year, husband and i are determined to settle into a permanent homestead. we're exhausted from hopping around the country and moving on average once a year (whew!), so this is our year. brevard will be our permanent  so it's time to stop renting and start homesteading! lucky for us, my sister-in-law just married an incredibly talented leed certified contractor. woohoo! our options are simple: purchase and renovate or build from scratch.

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though we haven't made up our minds completely on which direction we'll go, we can't stop bookmarking the things we love, looking at house plans and browsing real estate. though we would need to reduce it's size a bit, this modern farmhouse in chester, sc definitely tickles our fancy (that means, we love it!). designed by architect ken pursley, it's the perfect mix of modern and farm. constructed to allow as much sunlight in as possible, it's in my book absolutely perfect.

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to learn more: read about the farmhouse, view it's pictures, meet the architect and see more from this photographer.

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