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though i can't read a lick of swedish (anyone?), i couldn't help but share some of pure love's amazing products with you. if for no other reason, i think they're incredible lifestyle inspirations. with a simple, light and airy feel to all of their products, i can't decide which are my favorites!

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  • I love Scandinavian design…and, I have been to Sweden, loved it…don’t speak Swedish, but I do speak Norwegian and they are similar languages! Been thinking about your family of 3 :)

  • I´m Norwegian, we all speek pretty similar, and write even more alike. If you haven google translated what it says on your links it`S:
    kuddforal afroart: pillow with afro-art
    next one is a votive or a teal light holder with writing and the last one just means wood house…

    btw: Bear in norwegian (same animal, but Bjørn) is a common name over here!