baby names

baby names!

naming our baby. it’s hard work! picking out a name for our son (no, he won’t be called baby roost forever!) has been interesting. it’s been fun, difficult, confusing, exciting and nerve racking. the first name we had chosen for him got shot down pretty quickly from just about everyone we told very early on. (i quickly realized why so many people keep their baby’s name a secret until birth, i think that may be the easiest way to go!) after we decided to drop our initial pick (i think he’ll thank us later), a new name came to mind and we immediately fell in love with it.

the name is rare, though i wouldn’t call it ‘weird’ (you’ve all definitely heard of it, at least). it immediately fit him and everything i already know about him. it feels right. however, it hasn’t been easy deciding to give our son a rare and unique name. we’ve been torn between adhering to social norms and going with our gut feeling. we’ve considered using it as his middle name, a nickname or just dropping it all together, but none of that feels right. it is who he is and at the end of the day we’ve decided to listen to our hearts and do what we know is right for the three of us.

we’ve pretty much kept it a secret beyond immediate family, and we’re excited to announce him (and his name) to the world next week. i love unique names. i think they give immediate character and act almost as a springboard for creativity and independence. though bonnie may not be that unusual, it is a little rare (i say this since i’ve never met another bonnie in my generation, school or profession). having a somewhat rare name has made me who am i today and i’m thankful for it.

since i’ve recently met a few kids named bean, fox, gage and wolf, i think our little man will fit right in with his generation. he has a sweet name. it’s cuddly, snuggly, fierce and manly all at the same time.

photo by lindsay jean

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  • awe! Can’t wait to “meet” him! And you’ll be in my prayers when I think of you this coming week – preparing to welcome your babe can be tiring work, I know <3

  • Bonnie, I’m so excited for you three! Eric and I have all rare-for-this-generation names in our heads for the day when we have kids.

    It seems that especially in the world of pregnancy and babies, everyone has their own very strong opinion. I think that sometimes it’s best to keep things close to your heart until you’re ready to announce them. I have a friend who works in a very conservative environment and is getting so much crap for having a mostly natural birth. People can just be so judgmental. Keep your little guy’s name close until it’s time to tell the world <3

  • Good for you that you are going with your gut feeling. We chose Bella, and that is a name that doesn’t even exist here in Argentina. There is Isabella, but not Bella. We never even thought of another possibility!! Will wait till next week then! :)
    Bella has finally changed position and everything is ok now! No c-section for the moment!

  • I’m so excited to meet your little guy…. and to hear his name!

    We will be finding out next week if we are having a boy or a girl and I think choosing a name should be a little easier after that. So far our talks about names hasn’t gone far because it’s just such a big decision for me. I hope when we find the right one it will just click as it seems yours has.

    Wishing you all the best with your delivery next week!

  • Our two children have very unique names and I LOVE them. I’ve never regretted the decision, even when our kids ask why we named them their names (Lukka, my son, and Anikka, my daughter)…because I think they are beautiful, I love the meaning behind them, and I love the derivative nicknames they get, too (Luk, Lu and Ani, and AJ–with a middle initial).
    I love love love hearing how people chose their names for their babies, especially since it was so important to me. I’m so glad my husband loved them just as much, because I had them picked out since I was in high school!
    Blessings on the birth of your son!
    Sarah M

  • I’m so excited about my new grandson and I’m so proud of you and David and what wonderful parents you will both be ! God bless you 3! Love Dad!

  • I have a guess, but I won’t say ;) …just in case it’s right. If it is what I think it may be (given the clues), it’s one of my latest favorite boys’ names as well. Can’t wait to find out next week & SO excited for you!!!

  • I feel ya! It was so much more fun to debate names before getting pregnant… then all of a sudden it’s like, oh my goodness I am responsible for actually naming a human! It’s a huge task. We’re finding out the gender of our little one tomorrow and while we have a few names in mind for each gender, I’m interested to see how knowing whether it’s a boy or girl for sure will change how we determine the name in the end. Good luck as you get closer to delivery!

  • I love reading your website!

    We also made the mistake of telling people the first name choice for our son and then had it shot down. After that we didn’t tell anyone! His name is Finley James. I just had my second three weeks ago and I love her name, though it’s very unique (it’s a Persian name). Her name is Anara Pearl. Anara means pomegranate. I’m sure your name will be awesome. Good luck with delivery and hang in there — those last few weeks are so tough physically!

  • I’m so excited for you!! I’m not pregnant, nor do I have kids but I have been picking out baby names since just before I got married a few months ago, lol. What an exciting time for you and I will pray that your labor and birth go smoothly.

  • Bonnie, you look absolutely gorgeous in that photo. I hope you frame it. Good for you guys for going with your gut. So long as you love the name, that is all that matters. Good luck on the birth! Can’t wait to met the little fella. :)

  • Hi Bonnie,
    Firstly you look gorgeous. I have been reading your blog only for a little while. But I think all the babies in the blogs I read are such fun and giving me great creative inspiration. Thank you
    I had my darling daughter 8 weeks ago and I know what you mean about other peoples opinions on names. I ended up telling people I hadn’t chosen a name when in fact I’d had the little girls name since I was 16, she’s the heroine in my favourite book/movie and I love that it is a traditional name yet not in the top 200 list (well not here in Australia). I was shocked when Princess Mary of Denmark (born in Australia) chose the name for one for her children.
    All of my friends have started with holding baby names until the little one is born. Because people will give you opinions before they are born, but if you say welcome to the world this is “Pigsnout” they will all say “what a lovely name!”
    My mother has always said you should choose a name for all possibilities of what they may become when adults. They maybe want to be a supreme court Judge and it would look a little odd being called Kaos.
    As a teacher my biggest thing is people choosing common names and making them hard to spell. How is a child meant to learn phonetics if their name doesn’t make sense? And I always feel bad reading the class register and not pronouncing the name right. I grew up with a rare name in Australia and have been correcting people my whole life, I didn’t want that for my daughter.

    Anyway I think you look stunning, and I love your nursery ( I wish I could have a room like that for my little one, but that will have to wait until we move in about 6 months).

  • bonnie,

    I have really enjoyed you and your blog for about the last 6 mos.
    But today I just had to say that you look so beautiful in the above photo. Good luck with your delivery and I cannot wait to hear your baby name too!

  • Bonnie,

    I’ve enjoyed following your pregnancy journey! I pray that your delivery will be healthy and smooth. I am so excited to hear this name you and your husband have decided on. He is your son and if that is the name you choose, then it will be the right one. He’s going to be such a well loved child and in such a wonderful natural home :) Thinking of you!!

  • What a beautiful calm photo – looking forward to hearing your baby name!
    We went traditional and named our boys after our fathers (Greek tradition) but we chose their middle names
    So we have a Peter Thomas and a
    Neo Markus