off to the hospital!


hello, lovelies! i can’t believe i’m finally writing this post, but i wanted to let you all know that it’s baby time! we’re on our way to the hospital this morning to welcome our sweet baby boy into the world.

for those of you who might not know, baby roost is hanging out breech. despite doing everything we could for months to get him to flip, he said ‘no thanks, mom! i’m comfy and cozy just like this.’ so, even though my due date isn’t until next week, we had to schedule a ceserean delivery for today.

though it’s not exactly what i was hoping for, we’ve known for several weeks now and i’ve definitely come to peace with it. i just want him to be healthy and happy and he will be perfect no matter how he enters the world! we’re also having a ‘family centered cesarean’ which i feel really good about (i’m sure i’ll share all the details with you on that a little later).

so, wish us luck! and we will gladly accept any prayers you’d like to say for us today. i’m feeling a little nervous but mostly just excited and anxious to meet him.

regarding going home to roost, i’ve worked hard to schedule several posts for you guys over the next few weeks so you shouldn’t notice much difference around here. i’ll be popping in and out, but mostly just resting and taking care of our newbie.

and i know that some of you are super excited about all this baby talk (like all you mommas and newlyweds) and others are probably less so (like all you design students and single ladies). i just want to let you know that though i do have several nursery diy’s and baby talks planned, i’m also going to be very mindful of not changing going home to roost’s vibe here. i promise it won’t be all baby all the time, and that even if i’m sharing some crazy onesie painting project, you’ll be able to take the same technique and use it on something totally non-baby related. sound good? ghtr has always been a direct reflection of my life and passions, and it just so happens to be all about baby right now. i hope you’ll stick with us though, as life is ever changing!

i’m sure i’ll be posting as much as possible over on instagram, if you’d like to follow along i’ll meet you there!

love, bonnie

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  • The day finally arrived! All the best for you and David!!! Hope everything goes out as planned and the baby is healthy and happy. I woke up today thinking about you. It is a lovely spring day here in Argentina, the sun is out, there is that jazmin smell in the air and you are having a baby!! :)

  • Best wishes for you and your family today! I know someone locally whose due date is the same as yours; she also has a stubborn breech baby and she’s having a cesarean today as well! Can’t wait to hear your little guy’s name. PS… found out we’re also having a boy last Thursday!!

  • bonnie, I read this this morning (woke up praying for you all) and just started to ball my eyes out. I’m just so joyful for you and David and am so thankful that God has chosen to bless you with the sweetest gift of this little one. You both are going to be fabulous parents, I hope you know that. We are rooting for you here in Alabama today! And of course, no hard feelings if you write a lot about babies:) all my friends are in that stage of their lives and it’ll be fun to have some good DIY’s as presents for them!

  • Bonnie you are going to be the most amazing mom. You are going to be amazed by the love you have for your little boy. Its the BEST! A true blessing. So happy for you!

  • Just now reading this post. Getting caught up with all my blogger ladies! I’m glad that your delivery went smoothly. I would be so nervous too! You’re also the second lady I know to have a breech boy. A friend of mine is having a c-section in a few days. Anyway, I am so happy for you and your family! Your baby is incredibly blessed to have you as parents. I can’t wait to see how you momma naturally! <3