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hi friends! today i want to share with you a few things that people have been saying about the roost tribe. if you're like me, i always like to hear what others have to say about something i'm interested in before i join or sign up. i also want to say thank you to each person who has contributed below, i am humbled and so thankful for each and every one of you. ♥

roost tribe testimonials

"Bonnie! I just have to share with you how much I am LOVING being a part of the Roost Tribe. I truly look forward to getting the emails every month and get so excited to see what you have in store for us with each and every one! The content is just AWESOME... not to mention the patterns and recipes... love love love ♥♥♥. Thank you so much for all your TIME and EFFORT. It is just the best and I am feeling more inspired then I have in a while because of it!"  - Becky @ Ardently 1800

"Being a part of the Roost Tribe has been a great experience. I love getting goodies in my inbox on Fridays! Bonnie has inspired me to stay in touch with far away friends with her monthly note cards, and made me smile with cheery patterns and videos. If you like being a part of art communities I highly recommend that you join!" - Erin Beutel

"I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating the Roost Tribe.  I have only been a member for 1 month and already it's worth its weight in gold.  It has given me inspiration and resources which, as an artist & blogger, can sometimes be in short supply. Roost is precisely the pick me I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my little ol' heart." - Alli Frederick

"Every Friday I look forward to receiving my Roost Tribe emails.  They're packed with fun, useful information for my home, blog, and life!  Bonnie is such a sweetheart, and makes the content very simple to understand!  Whether you're a blogger or not, you'll be able to benefit from the goodies that come with each email.  Recipes, discount codes, gift guides, patterns, printables, and more!  You don't want to miss it! :)" - Anna Radchenko

"I am sitting here in bed listening to Chad Mackey music that I found thru the Roost Tribe and thinking that I love being a part of the tribe.  I like how it feels like Bonnie is sharing an email of juicy tidbits with me as a friend.  Like she has just found some great things online and can't wait to share with me.  I know this is a business and there are hundreds of other women involved but I think Bonnie did a wonderful job blending her sweet spirit with the business aspect.  Her blog and story are a great inspiration and I can't wait for Fridays to open up my emails!" - Melissa West

"I was first drawn to Bonnie's blog after seeing images of her home and admiring her gorgeous, unique, cosy decorating style. I have been a regular reader since that day. When she launched the Roost Tribe, I was so excited at the prospect of seeing more from her, especially her high quality printable gift cards and digital media. Recently Bonnie shared her creative journey with the Tribe, and hearing her inspirational story has motivated me to pursue my own creative interests more seriously. Her Illustrator tutorials are focused and easy to follow, and they have been invaluable in helping to motivate me to improve my skills and develop my own style. I feel so privileged to be a part of the Tribe and I can't wait to see what Bonnie has prepared for us each week. The Roost Tribe is wonderful value for money and I can't recommend it highly enough!" - Kate Drinkwater

"I am always so excited and happy to check my e-mail on Fridays because that’s when the Roost Tribe e-mails are sent out and I’m always taken aback by Bonnie’s amazing designs. I feel so special to be apart of this and I have to say… it’s definitely worth way more than $5.00 and absolutely worth giving up one trip for coffee a month." - natalie

"I am excited to be a part of the tribe! I like the idea of being involved in a growing community. I am learning about building community and blogging thru Bonnie. The resource books are great! She's good at linking us together to support each other and provide promos between different producers! I look forward to checking my in box for Roost Fridays!!!" - Jen

"Bonnie's story is so inspiring and it has given me hope that as a small individual designer fresh out of university, I too can succeed.  Hearing of her struggles and the journey she has been on as a creative was just what I needed to hear.  It has helped me realise that this journey won't be easy, but if I put the time, effort and passion that I have for designing into it then it will be worth it." - Emma Frances

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  • I would join if you didn’t call it a tribe. Sorry…but I just can’t get over your word choice. If it was a family or a team, etc…I would sign up in a heartbeat.

    • hi keri! i’m so sorry you feel this way, but in reality the tribe IS a family! in fact, family is used to define the word tribe, and i use it constantly to describe it. i hope you can see past the name as it’s just a word, and we are very much a family, society, clan, flock etc. :)

  • I do love being a part of the roost tribe! Any one week is worth much more than the price. I always love to see it in my inbox on Friday! I know a lot of time and work goes in to creating each week’s caboodle!

  • I want to join the family, especially I love the idea of illustrator lessons. But I have a question. Could I get an access to your previous lessons if join the roost tribe? Because you had some good stuff there.

    • hi marta, wonderful! yes, each previous month’s content get’s bundled together and is offered for $10/month. you can see all the recaps by visiting the links over in the right hand column. >>

      once you decide which month’s you would like, just email me and let me know. then i can invoice you and send over the content. woohoo!