how to make almond milk

i made my own almond milk! i made my own almond milk! and, it was really easy. why didn't i do it before?!

(deep breath) ok, guys. i'm super excited about this. i just learned how to make almond milk at home, and can't believe that i've never done it before. it's easy, quick and much less expensive than purchasing it in the store! it tastes really yummy, too. it has a more nutty taste to it and mine was a little thinner than regular almond milk (which i prefer). it tastes wholesome and it feels good to drink it. like, "yeah, i made this almond milk. gulp gulp".

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today, i'm gonna teach you how to make it, too! you should also know that you can pretty much use any nut (cashews, macadamias, hazelnut, pistachio etc) and can also play with the flavor and consistency. like vanilla almond milk? just add a little vanilla bean!

what you'll need:

- 1 cup of almonds
- a glass bowl (to soak them in)
- a blender
- a nut milk bag (or some panty hose!)
- 4 cups purified water

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step 1: place 1 cup of almonds in a glass bowl, fill with water and let soak in the fridge over night (or for at least 8 hours). the step is really important, soaking your almonds is what brings out all those really great nutrients you're looking for.

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step 2: give 'em a good rinse.

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step 3: place in a blender and add 4 cups of purified/filtered water. this 1:4 ratio is important and stands true for any nut milk you make at home- 1 part nuts 4 parts water.

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step 4: blend on high for a minute or two - maybe even touch that 'liquefy' button for a second.

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step 5: place your nut milk bag in a big glass container.

how to make almond milk (3)

step 6: pour the mixture into the bag & glass container.

how to make almond milk (5)

step 7: squeeze the juice from the almond pulp.

how to make almond milk (11)

step 7: pour you a glass.

how to make almond milk (6)

step 8: gulp gulp.

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  • Thank you for posting this! I found your blog through Lindsay (Lindsay’s list) and I’ve been lurking for a while. Anyway, I noticed my almond milk has a lot of not-so-savory ingredients in it, and was actually going to look for a way to make it. And you solved my problem!

  • i am very excited to try this! but what could one do with that leftover almond pulp? seems like a shame to waste. any suggestions?

    • hey teresa & april! the meal is really void of any nutrients because they’ve all been stripped into the milk. but if you still want to put them to use, i would keep them and use them as a ‘flour’ or breading batter!

  • Love this post, very beautifully put together! :)
    Almond milk is wonderful! I’ve been making my own for about a month now! My husband loves it! I have been adding dates to mine to sweeten it just a touch. I have also been experimenting with making chocolate almond milk and even carob almond milk. Good stuff! :)

  • YUM! So excited to try this! I buy almond milk every week from a local juicers and it is $6.95 a bottle?! Yikes!!! The one I buy also has dates, vanilla bean and a mixture of basically pumpkin pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon & sea salt) It is out of this world good…but now I’m going to have to experiment making it myself.
    Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  • My daughter and I are both lactose intolerant, and I am tired of buying lactose free milk (no one likes it) and want to switch to almond milk, though I don’t like some of the ingredients in store bought. Thank you for posting this, I made a couple with natural flavorings and it gets drunk faster than I can make it!

  • My most recent boss loves almond milk, and her kids only drink it. I occasionally will still watch them some weekend nights, and this sounds like the perfect fun project for us to do together. I didn’t even know how almond milk was made until now!

  • I just made my own almond milk recently as well, and I was SO surprised by how easy and delicious it is! I’m going to have some on my granola for breakfast this morning and I’m really excited:) Thanks for sharing!

  • My girlfriends and I were just talking about making your own Almond Milk last night, because I couldn’t find any the last time I was at the store. I knew that this was basically what you did, but I wasn’t sure about the ratios. Thanks for posting!

    • hey mary! you shouldn’t use your soak water for consuming, because all of your enzyme inhibitors are in there. always use fresh filtered water for your milk making, but feel free to water your plants with the soaking water! :)

  • I am going to try using the almond pulp in my apple crisp instead of flour, mmmmm sounds yummy already ;)

  • I overnight soak (all organic) 3/4 cup almonds 1/4 cup hazelnuts. And also soak 3-4 dates and 1 dried fig…
    I rinse the nuts but keep the date/fig water… I add it all to the blender with a good pinch of pink salt and 1.5L of water. I blend it up and then squeeze it out. I then fill the blender with another 1.5L and blend the pulp a second time. Then mix the two strained milks together and bottle it all up. It lasts 2 days and its all my 2yr drinks now. Its yummy and sweet and not too watery at all!