an organized pantry

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how do you get an organized pantry? well, one way is to grab a varde shelf and a few droppar jars from ikea, and these printable spice labels from the roost tribe!

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i have always loved putting my favorite pantry items on display. after we moved in to our new house, it became apparent that we needed a little more pantry space, so with the help of the varde shelf, a few droppar jars and these printable spice labels, we now have the perfect place for extra food storage!

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over the years, i've collected several glass containers for our pantry. anytime i'm out and about and see something out of the ordinary i'll pick it up and bring it home to clean, fill and label.

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pantry organization (4)

putting our culinary spices and ingredients on display isn't only pretty, but i think it helps inspire us to cook and use flavorful, healthy ingredients. if i'm ever stuck on what to make for dinner, all i have to do is peruse the pretty pantry!

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