say (vegan) cheese!

say (vegan) cheese!

1) pine nut parmesan 2) roasted red pepper goat cheese dip 3) vegan goat cheese 4) lemon garlic cashew cheese

for many people, the world of vegan cheeses just sounds like an oxymoron (or doesn't even exist). for some of us though, these cheeses are rich and fulfilling, healthy, creamy and incredibly satisfying! when i first considered becoming vegan, i was heartbroken at the thought of giving up cheeses and creamy things. i liked cream in my coffee and always veered to creamy sauces and cheesy toppings. i didn't think giving it all up was possible! well, it's been over two years and i'm happy to report that i still enjoy cream in my coffee, creamy sauces and cheesy toppings. they're just different! but equally as satisfying and so much healthier for my body and our planet.

if you're interested, you can read about why switching to a plant based diet is the best thing i ever did and also how i make it incredibly easy.

vegan cheeses are most usually made out of a nut source like pine nuts or cashews and can taste incredibly close to their not-so-healthy dairy counterparts. i've experienced vegan cheddar, bleu cheese, pimento, cream cheese, mozzarella and feta cheeses that have all surpassed my standards for amazing taste and texture! above are a few recipes i've spotted lately that i can't wait to try myself.

have you tried any dairy free cheeses? what did you think?

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  • we love dairy free cheeses!! Some of our favorite things to make are cashew cheese (SOO good paired on a gf sandwich with cucumber, dill and tomatoes-summer treat) and we also make an easy walnut cream sauce for pastas. we’ve tried dehydrating the cashew cheese and topping it with different fresh herbs, but it lost it’s creaminess, and just kind of wasn’t worth all of the hard work and $ I put into it. I love goat cheese (well, LOVED) so I’ll have to try out that recipe! Thanks for sharing :)

  • I’ve been curious about vegan cheese because I’ve recently had a problem with dairy, so I’ve given it up but I miss cheese! I just haven’t figured out where to start with it!

  • I absolutely can’t stand melted DAIYA! I recently decided a goal for 2013 was to give up dairy. This is the only area of that I struggle with. I’m so sick of the Daiya, the consistency is awful! I typically use almond cheese but technically that cheese is only lactose free. Are there any other vegan cheeses out there you would recommend?