ways to save water

how to save water

i had the most lovely gal from the pond blog email me last week to share this infographic with me that she made on saving water. it covers the surprising amounts of water that we use each day, and outlines ways that we can reduce our water consumption. this subject is near and dear to my heart, and is one of the reasons i became a vegan. it only takes about 39 gallons of water to produce a pound of vegetables whereas it takes 1850-2500 gallons to produce 1lb of beef! even if your change is small or simple, it helps tremendously.

here are some of my favorite ways to reduce our water consumption:

- eat only plant based foods

- drink more tea than coffee

- take shorter showers

- use rainwater to water the garden

- use low flow shower heads and toilets

- only run the dishwasher and washing machine when we have a full load

what's your favorite way to save water? share them with us in the comment section, i'll meet you there!

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  • We re-use whatever water we can for watering the yard/garden.

    When I rinse spinach or turnip greens, I fill our salad spinner, then let the greens sit for a bit. Lift out the basket, then take the bowl and water the herb garden.

    My husband brews beer, and it does take a ton of water. That water waters the fruit trees and parts of the lawn (he moves it around). And the chickens love the spent grain!

    When I heat up thermoses for lunch boxes, I even use that water for washing dishes. And it’s hot :)

    We get very little rain, so using rainwater for gardening is not practical. My garden would die! I use drip irrigation.

    We also wash the cars on the front lawn (no sprinkler system). Otherwise, we water it just enough to keep it not-spiky, because who wants to play badminton on a spiky lawn?

    We also don’t water the sidewalk, which many of our neighbors and most businesses DO do. Crazy!

  • I am vegan too and the decreased environmental impact of the diet means a lot to me. I like tea as well, but I don’t think I can give up my coffee.

    Thanks for sharing!

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