chickpea magazine

chickpea magazine

i recently had the absolute pleasure of flipping through the summer issue of chickpea magazine. it comes out each quarter and just so happens to be completely vegan! this particular issue had nearly 100 pages full of fresh fruit desserts, summer recipes, a southern vegan travel guide, summer soups and a beautiful tribute to farmer's markets. there are never any ads and the photography is simply breathtaking. with every flip of the page you just get more and more inspired (and hungry!). visit their webshop to order either the hardcopy magazine or a pdf version.

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  • ha! it’s really funny that you posted about this today, because last night I was laying in bed researching magazines (i’m desperate to find a new one to subscribe to:)) and I came across chickpea. I started reading all about it and I thought “bonnie would love this, and so would i!”. And here you are, talking about it. Their photography is beautiful and the layout is great too, I just wasn’t sure if it had viable recipes or not and if it’d be worth the money. But now I’m going to think even harder about possibly getting it! xo