my new society6 shop!

bonnie christine | society6

i've been wanting to open a society6 shop for about as long as i can remember. a few weeks ago i was determined to carve out some society6 time and am happy to say that i have finally opened a shop! inside you'll find all sorts of patterned goodies. iphone covers, laptop skins, duvet covers (!!), rugs, art prints, mugs, shower curtains and MORE. (watch out david, all the patterns are coming!)

psst.. society6 is offering $10 off + free shipping worldwide on duvet covers now through august 10th! (be sure to click on this link to activate the promotion)

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  • Wow!! Ive followed you on instagram for awhile but ive just recently started reading your blog. I had always planned on going to college to get a degree in Textile Design but life got in the way. Looking at your blog and all your beautiful work is such an inspiration. You’re amazing!!

  • your blog reads for today is going to be way off, i keep clicking the link on the reader feed to snatch a peak. your patterns are perfect for this society6, i am hoping to move this fall and i have already devised a plan to save for rugs and shower curtains. your winged fabric line is very beautiful, the story lines and concepts behind all your lines are very well thought out and executed. makes me miss the conceptual story telling i use to do in architecture school. thinking i need to revisit that practice in thinking to my creative endeavors, which is often very spontaneous these days do to time constraints.

  • Hi Bonnie,

    I love your stuff and am so excited that you started a society6 shop!! I’m eyeing some of your iPhone cases :)

    Just a thought/suggestion that I often try to click on your photos thinking they will be linked to the thing you are referencing (in this case, your Society6 shop) and find that they are just your JPG on another page. I think it would be super helpful and potentially help your click-throughs if you thought about linking photos. It seems to be the way our (or at least my!) brains work these days. Thanks for all your loveliness and roosting :)