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hi everyone! i'm back from teaching designing surface patterns from scratch at creativelive and can't even begin to tell you what an incredible time i had. i feel so grateful for the opportunity to share with you what i love and i have creativelive to thank for every moment of it. last week was the most incredible week of my professional career to date. i'm so happy that i was able to connect with so many of you, and i am still in awe of your sweet messages, encouragement and beautiful artwork. thank you for inspiring me at the very depths of my creativity!

if you missed the course, don't worry! it is now available to purchase for $79 for lifetime any-time access. this way, you'll be able to download the courses to all of your mobile devices and really take the time you need to dive in and learn the material. you'll also have until september 15th, 2014 to enter the design challenge (more details covered throughout the course).

here's just a quick recap of my week and glimpse into creativelive's studio in san francisco. it's beautiful and will forever hold a special place in my heart!

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all pictures taken by my amazing mom, maxie makes!

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  • Hi Bonnie! I found you on the calendar at CreativeLive… I planned to just watch the live taping of your class, and thought that would be enough. Wrong! You presented so much valuable information I HAD to buy it! ~ What a great investment! I know I will be referring back again and again as I learn how to use the powerful design tools in Adobe Illustrator… A side benefit to the class was the motivation to explore this software that has just been sitting on my hard drive collecting virtual dust! ~ Thank you!

  • Hi Bonnie,

    So grateful I saw your class on CreativeLive. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. This is all the stuff I wanted to learn, but never knew how. I’d already taken (and purchased) the Illustrator and InDesign courses. Thank you so much for sharing what you learned along the way.


  • Hi Bonnie! Just wanted to express my thanks for doing the course. I just finished a foundation degree in printed & constructed textiles and am starting my BA next month and I still found so much information within your class. I loved every minute. Seeing how someone else works was really useful and you gave us so many tips and tricks. So thank you very much & here’s to the beginning of my journey and a wonderful milestone in yours :D

  • Ive watched it all the way from the Philippines and loved it so much… It so nice to see your process and how generous of you to share what you know… I also bought the course hihi and excited to watch it again and this time with practice… Way the go Bonnie…

  • Hi Bonnie, I watched your course and really loved it! looking forward to entering the contest. And happy birthday! (just browsing through your website and saw that :-))

  • Thank you SO MUCH for teaching this 3 days class. I learned so much and got really really inspired by your words, advices and the whole journey you shared with us. Loved every minute!