video tutorial: how to pull a color story from a photograph

how to pull a color story from a photograph video tutorial by bonnie christine

hey guys! i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am about my upcoming creativeLIVE course (you can read more about it here). it starts in just about 3 weeks! ah! to help me prepare and share with you a little of what i'll be covering in design surface patterns from scratch, i'm starting a countdown to creativeLIVE. this video tutorial on how to pull a color story from a photograph is where we begin!

this method of creating a color palette is so fun and easy to do. pulling colors from a photograph is one of my favorite ways to create a color story. nature has a way of always having the perfect balance of hues and they always look good together. who would have thought?!

this is just a quick example of the things i'll be sharing during the 3 day course on how to design surface patterns. if you're into this kind of thing, you can RSVP for the course here IT'S FREE to watch live!

course details:

what: design surface patterns from scratch
when: august 13th, 14th & 15th from 9am – 4pm each day
cost: the course is FREE if you watch it live, and available for purchase for on demand access anytime for $59. click here for details.
RSVP here!

p.s. we're looking for a few people to be a part of the live in-studio audience in san francisco. if you're interested, click here to apply!

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  • Oh wow – awesome tutorial. I just tried it & loved how you broke everything down step by step. I am just starting to dabble in Illustrator and found it really easy to follow – even for a super-novice like me :)

  • Hi Bonnie. As Becky stated, I am a super, super novice at all of this stuff. I am a photographer, but want to now learn as simply and easily as possible how to pretty up my photos, etc. for my blog as you do. Maybe even create some greeting cards, etc. Would this course be for someone like me who has seriously never even looked at Adobe before? Thanks!!

  • I have to work during the week, but I am so excited you offer the course on demand! I just signed up for it!! How will it work exactly? Will I be able to watch the courses that weekend? Will I be able to re-watch a course if I would like to?

    • hi colleen! the video tutorial will be (i think) but the creativeLIVE course is specifcially on illustrator. however, several segments will be on the business of surface pattern design, sketching techniques, etc which will definitely be applicable!