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winged by bonnie christine (11)

today is a happy day. my new fabric collection winged for art gallery fabrics is arriving today in stores everywhere! for this post, i want to share with you more about the collection and my inspirations behind it. tomorrow i'll be sharing with you the newly released lookbook and several projects made with the collection. fun FUN fun fun fun!

forever and ever i have always noticed the very first butterfly each spring. it has been one of the sweetest sightings for me each year. it means a new season is upon us, warmer weather is on it's way and fresh blooms will be emerging from the ground. it also evokes this feeling within me of inspiration- like all things are possible. the butterfly's journey from caterpillar to butterfly is one that i'll never stop marveling at.

this feeling of spreading one's great wings and soaring is one that connects with me deeply. a long time ago i decided that i would pursue my dreams no matter what. i would make great sacrifices, journey into the unknown put my heart and soul on the line to live my creative dream.

that is what winged is about. spreading your wings and flying into the unknown.

winged by bonnie christine (1)

wingspan melon | flyaway petalums vert

winged by bonnie christine (2)

mimicry beryl | bird's peck jade

design note: mimicry was created via a happy accident. by enlarging up all the bits and pieces that make up the butterfly's wings, mimicry was born. it turned out to be one of my favorite prints!

winged by bonnie christine (5)

aves chatter shine | plumage apricot

design note: while i was sitting at my desk one day a flock of birds landed in a nearby tree. i grabbed my camera, ran outside and started taking pictures up in the sky. i'm sure i looked like a barefoot lunatic! this is how aves chatter was created. each bird represents an actual bird i saw behind my camera.

winged by bonnie christine (7)

nesting blooms cool | frilly flutters creme

winged by bonnie christine (9)

metamorphosis quartz | feathered flight acorn

design notes: metamorphosis is my take on the beautiful butterfly cocoon. hanging from a branch these layers will soon fade away and a butterfly's wings will unwrap and start to fly!

winged by bonnie christine (3)

wingspan fig | flyaway petalums sky

design note: i was nervous to include this dark plum color on wingspan. however, i have deeply fallen in love with the figgy color! that's just to say that taking risks sometimes pays off.

winged by bonnie christine (4)

mimicry hazel | bird's peck dahlia

winged by bonnie christine

nesting blooms warm | frilly flutters mist

design note: these nesting blooms were inspired by a real flower i photographed while living in california. i love how the nest together- as though they were drifting down a lazy river.

winged by bonnie christine (10)

metamorphosis coral | feathered flight sunken

you can find winged by checking your local quilt or fabric shop, or by checking these online stores.

you can also head on over to art gallery fabric's blog to enter to win a full fat quarter stack of this entire collection!

finally, share your winged projects using the official hashtag #wingedfabric

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