from busy to happy

from busy to happy

it's impossible to not fall in love with these girls. april bowles-olin and mayi carles from connecting the gaps are two of the most fun loving, inspirational and energetic super heros i've met in a long time. (ok, ever). and, they're launching a new e-course that i think you might just love. and need!

from busy to happy is a 21 day productivity mission, 1 mission a day for 21 days to help creative entrepreneurs (that's you!) transition from hurry hurry hurry ku-ra-zyyyy busy all the time to dancing under the stars & LOVING their lives.

from busy to happy

above is a little nutshell version of the curriculum. during the e-course, you'll receive workbooks on how to clarify your vision, a time tracker, step by step daily challenges, four live calls, beautifully designed printable and worksheets, and more! head on over the the e-course page to learn (so much) more about this course. yay for productivity!

p.s. the course starts july 1st, so hurry hurry! the last day to join will be this sunday, june 30th. 

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