The Key to Creative Business Success

The Key to Creative Business Success

I have coached hundreds of creative businesses, and I can tell you that we all have one thing in common: we want success already

I was on a call last week with a creative business owner who said something that sounded very familiar to me, and if you’ve ever started a blog, Etsy shop or website, I’m sure you’ll recognize her desire too.  She wanted to build her online presence and increase traffic to her Etsy shop, so I asked her to start a blog. Her response:

“I tried that, but nobody visited the blog. I barely even have any interaction on Facebook! I might get like, 10 people to engage.”

She went on to further explain why my advice to build an online presence was a waste of time, because if she wrote a blog post, who would read it? I said to her:

“So, what you’re saying to me is that you want instant gratification, and you’re not getting enough of it.”

Because I get it! I want instant gratification too.

However, that’s not what a successful business is built on. A successful business is built one brick at a time. It's built with a blueprint of your dream job, and a solid foundation consisting of commitment to work hard even when there is no recognition or reward. Each blog post is a building brick. Each Facebook engagement is a building brick. Each new e-mail on your list is a building brick. With out these bricks in place, you cannot build your empire.

To say you want the customers and traffic without the online presence is like expecting the palace of your dreams to appear in your backyard without providing any plans or materials!

The key to a creative business’ success is understanding the long-term build. Social media accounts, Etsy shops, blogs, and websites are part of an online web you create to funnel like-minded visitors to the hub of your business.

The hub is where you have products or services for sale. It’s where all of the relationships you’ve built on the web by giving your time, energy and attention can give back to you. The long-term build is always about relationships.

In the comments below, leave a few links to the web you’re building online for your creative business’ success so that we can support each other!

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Lisa Jacobs is creative biz wiz who teaches online sellers how to get more sales and professional recognition. She owns the Energy Shop on Etsy and writes the blog, Marketing Creativity.

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