make it! diy tear drop planters

DIY teardrop planters (1)

hello, friends! i've been on a diy kick lately, can you tell? (with lots more coming!) i was so inspired to make these teardrop planters after i saw the tutorial over on vintage revivals. i followed mandi's instructions exactly and they turned out wonderful!

DIY teardrop planters (2)

DIY teardrop planters (3)

i keep them hung from a curtain rod by our large sliding glass doors in the living room. i love how cheery they are that they add a splash of gold to the area. i purchased these little white bowls from ikea and filled them with drapey succulents.

DIY teardrop planters (4)

DIY teardrop planters (5)

they really were pretty easy to make, other than the fact i had to cut up a bunch of pipes. it wasn't really difficult, just time consuming. i think i cut pipes every night for a few weeks! the end result was definitely worth it though. head on over to vintage revivals to grab the tutorial!

DIY teardrop planters (6)

DIY teardrop planters (7)

pssst. BONUS! if you notice something peculiar in one of the photos above, leave your entry in the comment section. the first person to get it right will win two 1/2 yard cuts of my last fabric line, sweet as honey!

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  • Painted veranda vs non painted. I got it! ha ha ha.
    I love how these look. I might try and do something similar. I have some cute tea cups that have lost their little handle and they would look lovely. If I am able to make them I´ll tag you on Instagram.

  • Ohh good call Shannon. I thought in the second pic some of the piping was photo-shopped out but on closer inspection it was the cord holding it to the curtain rod. :) Looks beautiful Bonnie! LOVE YOUR BLOG! Looking forward to the home tour