downloadable dino prints by lost in reverie

downloadble art by lost in reverie

hi everyone! in the spirit of her last download for us, 'share your work', heidi ahmed has generously offered to share with us two of her beautiful downloadable art prints. of course, i instantly said 'YES', she's one talented gal!

for these prints, heidi has taken two of her favorite quotes from my creativelive course on surface pattern design and illustrated them using her favorite medium: dinosaurs! i'm so in love with the results. i mean, who doesn't love a little prehistoric principe?!

to download: click here (or on the image above) to download the printable PDFs.

please join me in thanking heidi for her generosity and lovely art!

Heidi Ahmed is an artist working in Columbus, Ohio. She specializes in watercolor illustration & design. You can see more of her work on Lost in Reverie and visit her shop here.


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