a few of my favorite things

a few of my favorite things // going home to roost

i've been thinking about all the simple things i enjoy lately, and wanted to share them with you! some are personal care items, others aid in my creative endeavors. most are very affordable, but a few i've included i believe are worth the investment. if you're looking for a small gift for the women or creative in your life, i think these items might be great options!

1: palomino blackwing pencils: my favorite pencils to sketch with. they are perfectly soft and give a nice rich line, with erasers that actually work! bonus: they look great, too!

2: mineral fusion nail polish and remover: this has been my favorite nail polish and remover for years now (my favorite color is slate)! it's free of formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and butyl phthalate. it goes on thick and smooth and stays on better than any other polish i've tried. and, the acetone-free remover takes it off quickly and easily!

3: bass wooden hair brush: this hair brush feels great, works wonderfully and is beautiful to boot.

4: flyaway petalums camera strap: this is the camera strap i chose to use myself. i love it! it's comfy to wear and makes my camera look and feel so special (see it here).

5: merchant & mills studio scissors: these studio scissors feel like butter! their 9" length make cutting in a straight line easy and the vintage style looks great in my studio!

6: large moleskin journals: this is my favorite style of journal to sketch in. i usually cover them with fabric and take them with me wherever i go!

7: gold bobby pins: as simple as this is, i love these champagne colored bobby pins. they look classy and most importantly - hold really well! it's the small things, right?

8: arch ring by another feather: david bought me this ring last year and it's my favorite accessory! it's really comfortable to wear and suits any outfit.

9: cameo cutting machine: i started using a cameo cutting machine a few months ago and i can't believe i ever lived without it. i've been using it to cut vinyl decals, cards, gift tags and so much more!

10: winsor & newton drawing ink: this is my favorite drawing ink to dip my brush in for hand lettering projects. it's rich, smooth and gives a really nice brushed look.

11: uni pens: i have found uni pens the best for going over my pencil sketches and for scanning in with. they give a rich black line and have an incredibly smooth feel to them!

i wish this is where i could say i was giving all of the items away to you (thanks, oprah!), but sadly not this time. maybe next year! xox, bonnie

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  • Hi Bonnie!

    Everything looks yummy! But I can’t stop thinking about this Cameo cutting machine… it must save you tones of time and energy, right? Would you recommend it only if you use it everyday? Or is there any mid-way between cutting it yourself with a cutter and using a lovely machine like this?

    I love the way you present every single thing. Thanks for such lovely images :-)

    • hey ame! i definitely recommend it – it’s a game changer!! i only use it about once a week (more if i have an event coming up), but it has saved me countless hours and allowed me to come up with some really amazing projects! (look back at the invitations to the forest feast!). i know that i have one smaller machine, but i knew i wanted the larger format. i hope this helps!