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tood mclellan garden stills

oh how i love this photo by todd mclellan. it captures the simplicity and beauty of gardening so perfectly, don't you think? todd's work is amazing, i know you'll love his art prints as well!

spring dirt

kinfolk magazine: image via restored

we're picking up some cedar this afternoon for a few raised garden beds david will be building this week. i can't wait to get my hands in this warm spring dirt! i have always planted vegetables, but this year i'm really excited to plant half of my garden with flowers! i fell in love with having fresh blooms when we lived in california, and i can't wait to have flower garden here as well. nothing makes me happier than having freshly cut flowers in my home!

so i need your advice, what is your favorite flower to grow?


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  • Zinnias and Black-eyed Susans make me smile all summer long. They require no fussing and the more you cut them the more they grow. My cutting garden brings the butterfly’s and bees to my veggies, and let’s me fill my house with bouquets all season. Have fun!

  • Shasta Daisies! No garden is complete without them, and I am anxious to get some in mine this spring! It’s such a happy flower and looks great cut in any vase in any room of your home!

  • Zinnia’s, they have a huge variety of color and size, bloom all summer long making them idea for regular cuttings and being brought into the house. They grow super easy from seeds, and are veggie friendly for companion planting. Lavender and rosemary by the door are the staples for me too, to brush by them whenever going into and out of the house sends up waves of calming aroma that lingers on the skin and in the clothes. Simple, but a classic and yummy to add to foods are marigolds, they are also a good garden companion flower, not very flashy, but they remind me of lazy summer days gardening with my grandma and grandpa. Marigolds and tomato plants, they went hand in hand. I also love lupines, but here in Indiana they can be picky about our clay soil, I have managed to keep them alive in other peoples gardens that I have helped manage, but never had any luck with them in my own gardens.

  • With spring just beginning my thoughts are drawn first to fragrant lilacs, hyacinths and crocuses. Through the summer I love our trailing ivy interspersed with rose bushes and large groups of lavender and Thai basil. (I know the basil is usually something considered for the veggie garden but I just LOVE the smell of it) :) All the best as you begin your planting. Excited to see pics!

  • I always grow lots of chrysanthemums, dahlias, hydrangeas (although this might be a bit space limiting) and of course roses. Spring bulbs like jonquils and hyacinths are always on my Autumn planting list, like right now here in Australia. Good luck!