cameo silhouette cutting machine

silhouette cutting machine (1)

i'm just bopping in to share my latest love with you: the silhouette cameo cutting machine. i purchased it several months ago and didn't start using it until last month. i cannot believe i waited so long! all of the sudden, i feel like i'm not sure how i lived without the ability to cut all.the.things.

though i had about a day's long learning curve to get through, the machine and program that comes along with it, called silhouette studio, are really easy to use. i upgraded to the 'designer edition' so that i could import files in from illustrator. it works like a charm! the cameo will cut sticker paper, vinyl, temporary tattoo paper, stencil material, cardstock, chipboard, magnet sheets and even fabric!

silhouette cutting machine (2)

one of my favorite features of the silhouette studio is the nesting feature. once you have several motifs in the document, you can simply select 'nest' and the program will place as many motifs as possible on the sheet in order to maximize your space and reduce waist. it's like magic.

silhouette cutting machine (5)

silhouette cutting machine (3)

i got slightly carried away with the temporary tattoos. they're just so fun! to make these, i printed the designs on temporary tattoo paper with my standard printer (along with a set of registration marks silhouette studio includes on the document), then ran it through the cameo. the cameo reads the registration marks and cuts everything out precisely. and, it actually works!

silhouette cutting machine (4)

silhouette cutting machine (6)

it has been incredibly helpful as i've prepared for a craft fair and upcoming trade show. i've made custom hang tags and sticker price tags which you might be able to see in the top photo. i also made a gold vinyl decal of my logo, which you can see in the above photo hanging on the cart. this thing is amazing!

do you have a silhouette? if so, what are you favorite ways to use it?

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  • Lamp twins!!!!! (we have such wonderful taste!)

    Also, I am so jealous of your magical cutting device. We MUST have a cutter play date someday.

  • This thing looks amazing. I cut about 100 odd-shaped labels by hand for jars of preserves I gave as Christmas gifts last year — I wish I’d known about this at the time! It’d have saved my hand and my sanity lol

  • Yessssss! I love my Cameo. I use it just about every. single. day. I’m actually working on a post right now about tips on cutting fabric with your Silhouette. Can’t wait to share!

    Love the temp tattoo idea! I’ve never used that material. Hmmm, another project to add to my idea list ;)

  • I’ve always wanted one of these, but I wasn’t sure if you could upload your own files. Thanks for the tip to upgrade to the designer edition to use your own designs! I love how that nest feature works. Now I’m adding this to my birthday/Christmas wish lists ;)

  • La camée est ma meilleure amie créative depuis 3 ans … et je ne pourrais plus m’en passer !
    Elle découpe beaucoup de papier avec moi, mais il faut que j’essaie de faire des thermocollants !
    Un grand bonjour de France !

  • Thanks so much for blogging about this machine. I knew something like this existed but not one that one that you can use with Illustrator. I have bought myself a late birthday present.

  • I love mine too! I’m gonna be pulling it out today to make some stencils for a project I’m working on. I’ve got the temporary tattoo paper and I haven’t used it yet. . . hmm. . . got an idea now for something I could do next week for some friends. Thanks! I also have the fabric stuff that I’ve not yet used either.