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to get or gift | produce candles | $24

next on my list of items to get or gift are these beautiful produce candles. joining scent and soil by crafting a line of candles inspired by the harvest, beau burdette is one talented candle farmer! with scents like carrot, honey and kale, each seasonally represented candle brings the farmer's market fragrances right into your home. coming in at just $24, they are the perfect item to get or gift!

well that’s it for me this week-we're headed to our hometown today to enjoy the long weekend. i've got 3 new babies to meet, family to see and some serious sketching to do! i'll be back on tuesday with a blog schedule jam packed full of goodness. (so sorry things have been a little light here lately, things were incredibly hectic surrounding quilt market, but i think i've finally recuperated!) :) i’ll see you each on tuesday! xox, bonnie

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