a new way to be grateful

today, i want to talk about gratitude. here in the united states, we're about to celebrate thanksgiving, which means we're all reflecting on what we're grateful for and why we're thankful.

yesterday, marie forleo shared on this very topic and i loved what she had to say. did you know practicing gratitude will increase our happiness, improve our relationships, strengthen our emotions and improve our careers?! in short, studies show that if we're very specific about what we're grateful for, we'll get the most return on our investment.

for example >>

instead of simply saying i'm thankful for:

- david
- going home to roost readers (you!)
- my job
- my family

i want to be more specific >>

- i'm thankful for david because of the small things he does each day, like making me coffee in the morning and sending me sweet texts throughout the day. he takes bear when he gets home from work and plays with him while i make dinner. he prays for our family every night and he makes a mean batch of cookies.

- i'm thankful for my readers (that's you!) because of how incredibly supportive you are. i feel safe in this space. the creative community you've made feeds my soul and fuels my passions. i love to see how you help and encourage each other and i'm honored to be a part of it.

- i'm thankful for my job because it doesn't feel like a job at all. i get so excited to begin 'working' each morning that it gets me out of bed before the sun comes up. i'm blessed to enjoy what i do for a living so immensely. it charges my creativity, makes me feel alive and gets me excited to share things every day.

- i'm thankful for my family because they are always present, always listening and always supporting. they are my rock and my sounding board. they are full of wisdom, love, grace and compassion.

one my favorite ways of staying mindful about gratitude is by using the gratitude journal. it's a sweet little app that subtly reminds me to keep a journal of the things i'm thankful for. it has a beautiful interface and is filled with pearls of wisdom. i simply rate my day, write down 5 things i'm thankful for attach a photo (usually of bear). then, i can reflect on all the things i've been thankful for over time and even export it as a pdf to make a printed copy of my journal.

now it's your turn.

hop down to the comments area and share with us one thing you're thankful for. don't forget to be specific! i'll meet you there and see you again here on monday. :) xox, bonnie

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  • I watched Marie’s video yesterday, too and it also struck a chord with me! I did this exercise and found myself getting very emotional at just how grateful I am for all the blessings in my life. When you break it down to the details, you realize how fortunate you truly are.

    Thanks for putting this practice into words and sharing it. Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  • I am thankful that I’ve become “obsessed” with the band Lucero- not that being obsessed is a good thing. But I’ve experienced so much this past year indulging in this obsession. I’ve followed some rabbit trails that led to other things- Ben Nichols, the lead singer, has a brother whose “oh just some” writer/director named Jeff Nichols. Watching Mud sent us to explore the Mississippi and now I’m reading Mark Twain again. We’ve spent time in the city and learned some ways to make travel easier. We’ve seen Memphis. We’ve seen Family. We’ve seen parts of Arkansas we’ve never seen. We saw Skinny Lister and I was so inspired by the way the gal in that band let’s it all hang out but also realized that is just not in me but I can be a little bit more like that. And my husband and I have had so many great memories along with all these trips. . . and more to come soon.