hexagon shelves

hexagon wall shelves

hexagon shelves (clockwise): haase handcraft | handmade riot | forma living

i've got the perfect spot above my workspace where i'd like to install a few hexagon wall shelves. it's an angled space due to a staircase above it, so a cluster of hexagons would be perfect (plus, you know i'm obsessed with all things sweet as honey!). i've just been waiting to find the right ones, but i think i've narrowed it down to the sets above. do you have any favorite honeycomb shelves? i've also seen some darling house bookshelves lately, too!

**update! haase handcraft has been so kind enough to offer each of you an exclusive discount to their shop! enter code 'ROOST1' during checkout to receive 10% off. expires march 31st. thank you, hasse handcraft!

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  • This is so funny…about a year or so ago, Chris, my lovely fiance, tried to make some of these for me! We couldn’t figure out how to piece them together and support weight at the time, but he might have enough carpentry skills now to figure it out….hmmmmm…..