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jennet hand lettering (3)i fell in love with jennet liaw's work for several reasons this week. most obviously, her hand lettering is stellar and seems to be an endless source of inspiration. i also absolutely love how much thought has gone in to each one of her illustrations. they are clever, witty and thought provoking. some are funny and cute while others are motivating and encouraging.

i especially love the one above. many of you know my story, but for those of you who don't i'll tell you one of my secrets to living my dream (hint: it's illustrated above!). several years ago i decided that i wanted to be a surface pattern designer. about 6 months went by and i still had the same dream, but i was still sitting at my same job doing the same thing every day. it wasn't until i realized that someday had to be TODAY that i began making progress. i decided to start doing just one thing every single day in the direction of my dreams. some days it was simply writing an email, other days it was learning a new skill. i did this every single day and after 18 months landed my first job as a surface pattern designer. oh my goodness, it worked! i still use the same philosophy today (in fact, i just started towards another goal yesterday with this same concept). dreams just don't come true unless you start making things happen. they're big and scary when you look at the big picture, but if you break them down into daily bite sized chunks you'll accomplish so much. call one person, write one email, sketch one drawing, look at one video lesson, do one page in your portfolio. how many ever months or years it takes you doesn't matter, the point is that you'll accomplish BIG things if you start doing small things!

so that's why jennet's illustration meant so much to me when i saw it. be sure to follow her on instagram for more goodness as well!

jennet hand lettering (1) jennet hand lettering (2)  jennet hand lettering (4) jennet hand lettering (5)

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  • Oh my! Thank you SO much for sharing Jennet’s work, it is absolutely amazing. Simple, detailed, witty, beautiful. I am so happy to have learnt about her work, yay!

  • Love Jennet’s work…thanks for sharing! Starting a new endeavor myself to allow me to stay home with my very busy two year old twin boys, so your story inspired me! One step at a time….YES! I try to do it all at once then get confused. Ha

  • Thanks for sharing your story behind these beautiful hand lettering. I’ve been seeing the 1st one a lot these past few days, and now, with your story, I really get it and can truly relate.

  • I agree with you completely and wholeheartedly, Bonnie! Making small moves consistently and persistently towards your dream will ensure that you get there a lot quicker than if you just dream and do nothing. In a similar vein I realised a long time ago that if I didn’t like things or wanted a different life the only person who could change things and make it happen. No-one else would do it for me so if I didn’t make the decision to change my direction and work towards the life I wanted it wouldn’t happen. Anything is achievable if you set your mind to it :)

  • Oh my Bonnie, what a beautiful story. It’s something I remind my students every time when the going gets tough (and especially when they’re just sitting there looking at all the amazing work by others!) Congrats on making the leap – you’re an inspiration.

  • I love hand lettering and am actually taking an on-line class by Sean Wes. I finally stopped waiting for “someday” and decided about a year ago to start pursing my dream to be an artist and eventually maybe I’ll be fortunate to sell or license some of my work.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • I love hand lettering and Jennet’s work is beautiful! Your story is very inspiring, thank you for sharing. I love that you said you started doing one small thing every day in the direction of your dreams. Do you keep track and/or write down what you do each day towards reaching your goals? I noticed you said you were working towards a new goal, best wishes!

    • hi melissa! thank you! i don’t usually write them down, but what a great idea! i love the ‘gratitude’ app. maybe i could use it track my progress! xox