new website inspiration

new website inspiration

1 - wild and free print // 2 - unknown, please share if you know the source! // 3 - mara zepeda // 4 - winter landscape mug // 5 -  invitation by feast // 6 - momentary escape hand cream // 7 - simplexity // 8 - powder coated desk clips

if you've been reading lately, you know that going home to roost is getting a new design! jo klima from the darling tree (stay tuned, her new website is launching TODAY!) is working her magic again for us. since she designed this very blog for 6 years ago, i knew i wanted her to do it again!

i've seen the first glimpses of the site and they are jaw-droppingly gorgeous (i shared a tiny sneak peek over on instagram today!). i just want to curl up and live there forever. which is good, since this is pretty much my second home, anyways! above are a few of the things we used as inspiration for the design (all linked above).

i'm possibly most excited about a brand new page we'll be launching for the roost tribe, as well! it's about time this special membership has a special home. :) we plan to launch the new design on monday, january 5th. i can hardly wait!!

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