some things take time

some things take time

i've had my eyes on this photograph by salva lópez for a while now. i love the black and white photo,  off-white paper and gold stamped typography, not to mention the quote itself.

some things just take time, you know? it's easy for me to get discouraged when dreams and goals are moving slowly, but most good things take a lot of hard work and time. when i'm feeling overwhelmed with how long something is taking, i ususally decide to just do one small thing each day in the direction of my dream or goal. then, progress is made bit by bit and things seem to start happening quicker.

my one thing today is to cut up some bundles of sweet as honey to send out to makers and sewers of all sorts.

what is your one thing today?

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  • Today, my one thing is moving in the direction of working for myself and having a creative business. Doing something that feeds my soul and provides something for others as well! This post could not have come at a better time, Bonnie!
    You are such an inspiration to me!! Thanks for everything!!