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hi everyone! there's been a lot going on in jo klima's studio, the darling tree, lately. today, i get to share with you all about it! jo is a soul-centred designer and artist who makes beautiful websites (like this one!), art and designs. she just debuted a beautiful redesign of the darling tree this week and with it, announced the launch of a brand new line of leggings called darling legs. let's jump right into learning more about it all!

  darling legs by jo klima (3)

 Q: In case people don't know you and your awesomeness, would you mind sharing what you do?

A: I’m a designer and artist based in Brisbane, Australia, and run a studio called The Darling Tree. Over the past decade I’ve worked with many amazing women and undeniably soulful and inspiring businesses helping them create beautiful brands and online spaces. I’m always working on many creative side projects too, I currently blog about art and life at Maps to Herself, am selling art prints and paintings, have just released a collaborative project for The Cosmic Collective 2015 Moon Energy Calendar, and I plan to create gorgeous products featuring my artwork and patterns.

 Q: It looks like The Darling Tree is expanding! Can you tell us a little bit about your new ventures?

A: I wanted to rethink the way I do things over at The Darling Tree. I’ve always loved to draw, paint, and create. But it wasn’t as large a part of my business as I wanted to be. Of course, I’d always poured my art into my websites. But I wanted to make art for use beyond just the digital space. One of the biggest changes in my business model is offering art, surface pattern and licensing services. I envision seeing my art adorned on all sorts of amazing products, some of which I will be offering directly to customers. I think this shift will also open the business up to more great collaborative projects.

 Q: What inspired you to design leggings?

 A: A couple of years ago when I became more aware of how artists could make a living from having their art adorned on all different types of products, and starting to practice yoga myself, I loved the idea of having my artwork and patterns on a range of leggings that could become a part of your everyday wardrobe. When I saw an opportunity that allows designers crowdfund their own fashion collection, which included leggings, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to launch some designs I had been working on. I shared a few hints on social media which had an amazing response, and now this exclusive collection is available for pre-order at Darling Legs!

Q: What's your biggest creative inspiration?

 A: Travelling is an endless source of inspiration. I love visiting places that were built hundreds or thousands of years ago, learning about their unique cultures and soaking up as much inspiration from their amazing art and architecture as I can. I also love meeting up with other artists and creatives and having art dates.

 For their amazing artwork and businesses I adore Jai Vasicek and Lisa Congdon, in fashion I love the bold colourful patterns of Mara Hoffman and Mister Zimi. Geometric and tribal patterns fill me with absolute joy!

 Q: What is one random talent you have that people may not know?

 A: I have quick reflexes, which is a good thing as it counteracts my clumsiness, if I knock something over I’ll catch it quickly.

darling legs by jo klima (2)

SO, want to get your hands on some killer threads for your legs that you can wear on the street and on your yoga mat? darling legs come in three awesome designs to choose from. get behind jo's campaign and let’s get these sexy leggings into production! by pre-ordering you are part of creating something new and seeing it advance into production.

the product only gets made if there is enough demand for it!

and you'll be the first to get your hands on these limited edition designs. if you place a pre-order, you only get charged if the design hits the funding goal. this is a unique opportunity to support an independent label and back a limited edition collection! + you'll go in the draw to win a custom yoga mat or huge wall print featuring the 'A Place Yet to Explore’ artwork. you can learn more about it all here.

the darling tree elsewhere: web | instagram | pinterest | blog | facebook

darling legs


enter to win: an extra large wall print (28x39”) featuring ‘A Place Yet to Explore’ artwork - valued at $75 USD + shipping
*BONUS! pre-order leggings and be entered win a custom yoga mat with ‘A Place Yet to Explore’ artwork!

deadline: giveaway will end tuesday, november 25th at 12am, eastern standard time. the winner will be drawn using a random number generator and announced on this post shortly after.

to enter: comment on this post and complete the statement: 'I'll be wearing my gorgeous new leggings...'.

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>> share giveaway on twitter and include the handle @gohometoroost and hashtag #darlinglegs

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be sure to leave a new comment for each additional entry so it counts (limit of 4 comments per person)!

good luck! xox, bonnie  


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