look at those legs!

look at those legs!

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my latest home interior obsession? legs. though i'm a lover of all kinds of unusual legs, i've been especially inspired by the hairpin variety lately. don't they give a beautifully unique and modern feel to the furniture they hold? between some old barnwood i have and maybe a tree slice, i'm planning to make a few simple side tables soon and will be using hairpin legs (available here) to support them. i'll be sure to share them with you when i'm done!

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  • When I was a little girl, my daddy made our dining room table out of a door and a set of those legs. This brought back memories! He had made it out of a hollow door, but finished it nicely and it was very modern looking. Somehow it got a small hole in it, though, right where my youngest brother always sat. He hated green peas, and when they moved to another house and moved the table they discovered it filled with peas!