my new gallery wall

gallery wall with change of art frames (5)

i struggle with big blank walls. i have always found it much easier to decorate around windows and shelves, or anything that provides a little structure. we have a large wall in our living room though, and after spending a year staring at it, i think i'm finally happy with it!

gallery wall with change of art frames (7)

a few months ago, i absolutely fell in love with the frames from change of art. let me tell you, this is one amazing company! first of all, the frames have a clean, modern look that would look good in any home (they are also available in black and alder brown). but more importantly, they are incredibly easy to hang (watch a video here), made in the U.S.A. and eco-friendly from the glass, frame and paint all the way down to the packaging.

gallery wall with change of art frames (1)

each change of art frame comes with a paper template that's printed to look like the frame, so you can arrange your gallery before you begin putting holes in your wall. once you're happy with the look, all you have to do is nail in the 'button hanger' and remove the template. they even come with their own nail and blue painter's tape to hang the template with! seriously, they've thought of everything. there's also no need to ever touch (or clean!) the glass or matte. simply insert your photo into the slot and you're ready to go. there's also a convenient pocket on the back to hold several art prints in so you can change the art frequently without any hassle. (perfect for children's artwork!)

gallery wall with change of art frames (3)

gallery wall with change of art frames (2)    gallery wall with change of art frames (6)

most of the artwork is my own, besides a print from katie daisy and the homeground. tomorrow i'll share with you how i made the brown wooden frames, and just in case you fell in love with my sweet as honey hexagon quilt, you can purchase the quilt kit here! sorry this is sold out!



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  • Eeek – I love it!!!
    Especially the way you filled your gallery with art prints – and it’s so cool that they’re nearly all yours. (I’m a Katie Daisy fan, too.)

    For me, choosing is the hardest part (probably why I dreamt of changeability in the first place). This is a perfect mix of illustration, patterns and graphics. Not easy for most of us, but you make it look as effortless as a spring breeze -– so happy and gorgeous.

    I love that it’s light & airy for summer. And how the colors & patterns in your prints are picked up in your sunshiny quilt. And how your “Nesting Blooms” and “Flyaway Petalums” pillows talk to the colors in your feature banner piece – well, that just makes me smile.

    This is the pinnacle of how I’d imagined the frames could be used someday. After so many crazy years, to finally see an artist filling the frames with their works – well, I can’t express how happy to-the-core (and all blubbery) this makes me. You have made my year!!!

  • Please post pictures of your new home. I absolutely love your style and I can’t get enough of these teensy glimpses you give!!