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 zara for kids (2)

as i briefly mentioned in this post, i’ve recently fallen in LOVE with the kid’s collection from zara! it’s exactly the style i love for bear: easy, comfortable, neutral and modern. i already have a few things on order and will definitely be heading back to zara anytime he needs a new wardrobe staple. i have found that most everything is reasonable affordable as well, with sweatshirts and trousers running between $15-$30. they are an eco-conscious company as well. thank you, zara!

zara for kids (1)

and, just because i couldn’t resist, here are a few of my favorite picks for the little girls in your life. they leave me with just one question..

i wonder if they make that in my size??

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  • I didn’t even know zara had a baby line and now i want have babies so i can buy these! Haha I guess I will just have to be a really cool auntie for now. Thanks for sharing! These are perfectly adorable!

  • So cute, I really love that style as well! But still not quite in my price range for kids who grow out of clothes fast. Maybe someday :) I love your style Bonnie!