14 goals for 2014

14 goals for 2014

today i want to talk about goals. i'm actually not a huge fan of 'new year's resolutions', but there is something about the start of a new year that makes me reflect and inspires me to plan. it's like having a new start, and placing a timeline on goals and dreams that i have can really be motivating.

i believe there's something special about proclaiming your goals. putting them on paper and saying them out loud suddenly makes me feel more accountable to them. so above is my own list of goals for 2014 (you can see last year's here). in case they're hard to read, i'll list them below as well. here's to accomplishing LOTS in the new year!

focus on design | submit my work portfolio more frequently | read through the bible | start writing a book with my mom | redesign going home to roost | finish decorating my home room by room | garden | learn to sew garments | teach a skillshare class | do a little yoga every day | be the best mom/wife i can be | run a little. hike a little | stargaze | learn photoshop

if you feel comfortable sharing some of your own goals, we would love to here them! proclaim your goals publicly and watch them get accomplished- we can all help hold each other accountable! i'll meet you in the comments area.

p.s. this goal worksheet is a little printable i made for the roost tribe. come join the fun!

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  • Always inspired by your goals! Love that you and your mom plan to write a book together! I shared my life and business goals earlierthis month, and am already following through with a lot of them.. And still overwhelmed by some of them too!!