28 things i love

birthday flower

today is my birthday (!) and i'm reflecting on all the things that i love so dearly. i am filling this day with friends and family, laughter and fun. (over the last few years i've also shared 26 things about me and 27 things i'm thankful for!)

28 things i love:

- my sweet baby bear
- a husband who brings me wildflowers
- vegetables from the garden
- a simple flower patch
- the last book i read: show you work by austin kleon
- the next book on my reading list: artisan soul by erwin mcmanus
- the color mint
- wildflowers
- creativity that flows
- a close-knit family
- creating pretty patterns
- teaching what i know
- learning new things
- a new iphone case
- inspiration for new things
- bluegrass music
- firefly nights
- eating outside
- long chats with my mom
- coffee and tea
- vegan eats
- going to bed early
- lots of pillows
- plenty of plants
- cooking every night
- baby snuggles
- friends who make me laugh
- YOU!

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